Josip Crnobori
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Ph. D. Zoran Velagic
  • about Krsto Hegedušic...
  • about Antun Bauer, museologist and ordering the fresco for the Marija Bistrica
  • about critics memorial and leaving to Buenos Aires
  • about correspondence with Josip Vaništa
  • 1907 Born 22 October in Banjole near Pula.
  • 1915 Family moves to Austria near Vienna, where he attends primary school in German.
  • 1918 Returns to his homeland and continues his education in an Italian primary school.
  • 1920 Accepted at the Istrian boarding school in Karlovac where he starts his secondary education.
  • 1925 Family moves to Zagreb.
  • 1928/29 Completes his secondary education and matriculates at the First State Classical Grammar School.
  • 1929 Begins his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb under Tomislav Krizman and Maksimilijan Vanka.
  • 1931 When Marin Tartaglia arrives in Zagreb, moves to his school in which he graduates in painting in 1936.
  • 1937 First solo exhibition in Zagreb in the Salon Ulrich.
  • 1938 Participates at the exhibition Half a Century of Croatian Art in Zagreb.
  • 1939 Solo exhibition in the Pavilion on N Square in Zagreb
  • 1940 Participates at an exhibition of Croatia artists, Zagreb
  • 1941 Solo exhibition in Zagreb (marinas, Korčula, Mljet). Participates at the First Exhibition of Croatian artists in the Independent State of Croatia.
  • 1942 Shows at the Second Exhibition in the Independent State of Croatia. Three of his paintings shown in the Croatian pavilion at the 22nd Venice Biennale.
  • 1943 Third Exhibition of Croatian Artists in the Independent State of Croatia. Four of his paintings shown at the exhibition of Croatian art in Berlin, then in Vienna and Bratislava.
  • 1946 In January leaves his homeland and goes to Italy. Exhibits sixty-six paintings at an exhibition in Trieste, in the Galeria del arte al Corso. Travels through Italy and with Zoran Mušić visits Filipo de Pisis in Venice.
  • 1946 Visits France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • 1947 Joins his parents who were living in Argentina for the last ten years. First solo exhibition in Buenos Aires.
  • 1948 Buenos Aires, Penser Gallery, solo exhibition.
  • 1949 Solo exhibition in Buenos Aires, Thirty-ninth National Salon
  • 1951 Forty-first National Salon in Buenos Aires
  • 1956 Forty-fifth National Salon in Buenos Aires
  • 1957 Solo exhibition, Van Riel Gallery, Buenos Aires
  • 1958 Solo exhibition in the Velasquez Gallery, Buenos Aires
  • 1959 Solo exhibition in San Juan
  • 1960 Solo exhibitions in Bahia Blanca and in Neuquen, Argentina
  • 1978 Moves to the United States on 18 February. Lives and works in New York.
  • 1985 Paints portrait of Milka Trnina for the Metropolitan Opera in New York.
  • 2005 Dies in Zagreb at 98.

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